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Important notices

We take safety seriously, so we have compiled the key information about your holiday on this page.



safetyIn the event of accidents

  • Keep the place of the accident calm and secure!
    Stop the caravan - switch on the hazard warning flasher - put up the triangular safety reflector (at a distance of between 50 and 150 steps) - pay attention to your own safety!

  • Give an injured person first aid!

  • Call the rescue services/police or have them called (in the event of people being injured, extensive damage, hit-and-run accidents or parties involved in the accident who are not insured).

  • Secure your own evidenceTake down the addresses of witnesses, take photographs of the place of the accident.
  • Prepare an accident
    reportDraw up a report of the accident together with the people involved, but do not sign an admission of guilt; use the attached accident report. Accident reports that are not filled out correctly cannot be processed or submitted to an insurance company.

  • Conduct in your dealings with the police
    You are obliged to provide personal data and data about the car. In doubtful cases as to how the accident happened do not make any further statements. Accept a fine from the police only if the accident was clearly your own fault. The police is not obliged to record "trivial damage" (up to approx. € 2.000 per vehicle). Make a note of the policeman's name and office.



Technical problems

Instructions for the dashboard and the technical equipment can be found in the folder with the vehicle papers. If necessary, please read these instructions carefully as you may be able to avoid operating problems right from the beginning. You may have small defects up to € 150 repaired or replaced without prior consultation, which includes flat batteries, new wiper blades or suchlike, and you will be refunded the amount spent on producing the relevant cash receipt.

In the event of technical problems, please contact the respective emergency number of the vehicle manufacturers, the DRM road assistance or one of our branches, which will be glad to help and assist you. In case of problems in the living area of the motorhome please contact one of our branches (all numbers on the backside of this paper).

Please notify us in advance of any defects that cannot be completely repaired during your journey, so that a stay in the workshop can be better planned and the necessary spares be obtained beforehand.


  • Bicycle racks are available for all models. Regarding the bearing capacity please contact our depots.

  • The oil level should be checked when re-fuelling the caravan, but every 1000 km in any case. Please use 5 W 30 oil for diesel engines, if necessary (for VW California ask for VW-standard VW 507 00).
  • Please check the tire pressure regularly (dates for cold tires):
    Group A1 (VW California): 3.6 bar front and rear
    Group B1 (Karmann Davis): 4.5 bar front and 4.8 bar rear
    Group B2 to Group E1: 5.0 bar front and rear

  • Vehicle height: Please add a safety clearance of approx. 20-30 cm (1 foot) for each group. More detailed information is given in your rental agreement and on the sticker at the windshield. Damage caused by not observing the headroom is deemed to be a result of gross negligence and will not be settled by the insurer, but will be charged to you.
  • Vehicle width: Please also observe the vehicle width. For example the left lane in a construction area on the highway is regularly limited to a width of 2.00 meters. This means that all our vehicles have to use the right lane.

  • When using the awning make sure its frame is safely anchored. The awning is very sensitive to wind and rain and can seriously damage the caravan. Close the awning at windy and rainy conditions and also for the night or if you leave the car.

  • Empty the grey water tank and the toilet cassette as often as possible. This reduces smell and saves weight.